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Premiumness beyond Imagination

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Premium Baklava

Oasis Baklawa was founded on passion, a powerful driving force that has produced some of the world's most exquisite chocolate and baklava. The desire to create perfect gifts for loved ones is what drives us every day at Oasis Baklawa as we strive to bring beauty into your life with our sumptuous chocolates or mouth-watering delicacies such as our authentic pistachio loaded Turkish Baklawa.

A passionate pursuit led this company from its humble beginnings in India where they first started making gourmet sweets out entirely by hand; using only natural ingredients like nuts, dates palm fruit Extracts (a kind used mostly during production) honey etc., all mixed up together before being cooked over a traditional oven--this process creates incredible melt-in -your mouth sensations.

Overview of Oasis Baklawa

Oasis Baklawa is a family-owned business that has humble beginnings. When the first Oasis Baklawa were being imported from abroad, they had to work hard at importing them themselves before progressing further into manufacturing fully locally in order for it be more economic than simply buying all their items wholesale and selling them retail like other companies do. Today you can find their products on shelves across country as well as specialty gift stores around town like Foodhall etc.!

Oasis Baklawa has been on a journey to improve the way we experience chocolate and pastries. From Artisanal Chocolates, all research done by our in-house team for exclusive products that you can't get anywhere but here!

How They Started?

Their journey started with baby steps, importing Baklava from a famous patisserie in Dubai and offering it to the Indian Market during exhibitions. It was an instant hit!

They started out as just two table setups, but today Oasis Baklawa offers their customers something truly special in the form of delicious pastries, sweets made from scratch and every day by dedicated staff members who are proud to be part of such an iconic institution in Delhi.

Oasis Baklawa expanded their product range to include Artisanal Chocolate and Confection as well as specialty gifts carefully crafted, handpicked by their creative team always emphasizing quality. The baklavas are like no other: they have spent years improving this craft which is shared with you through lavishing tastes in all your favorite flavors!

There are very important reasons for you to choose us!

What Does Oasis Baklawa Pay Attention to, To Produce Quality Products?

Our products do not contain preservatives. They are 100% natural.

Natural Beet Sugar is Used for Our Products.

Production is carried out in hygienic environments by hand.

You Can Buy Easily On Retail Stores or With Online Sales.

It is produced from best Quality natural products sourced from the origins.

Daily Produced Products Come to Your Home as Fresh.

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