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"The word impossible is not in the leader’s dictionaries.   No matter how big the challenges, strong faith, determination and resolve will overcome them“

- His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Ruler of Dubai
Vice President U.A.E
Prime Minister U.A.E
Minister For Defence U.A.E


About Us

“To offer the best in Quality with Competitive Price and One to One Service at Express Delivery Timing”

“To spread the love of joy and joy of gifting through our employees and clients”

Our Vision

Our Mission

Oasis Baklawa was born out of a deep passion, serving as the driving force behind the creation of extraordinary chocolates and baklava. Our unwavering commitment to crafting perfect gifts for your loved ones fuels our daily endeavors at Oasis Baklawa. We are dedicated to bringing beauty into your life through our indulgent chocolates and mouth-watering delicacies, including the authentic Turkish Baklava. From its humble origins in India, our company embarked on a passionate pursuit, crafting gourmet sweets entirely by hand. We use only natural ingredients like nuts, dates, palm fruit extracts, and honey, carefully blending them together before cooking them over a traditional oven. This meticulous process results in sensational melt-in-your-mouth sensations that are truly remarkable. Overview- Oasis Baklawa is a family-owned business with humble beginnings that has grown into a renowned brand. They started by importing Baklava from a well-known patisserie in Dubai, catering to the Indian market through exhibitions, and it quickly became a hit. From there, Oasis Baklawa expanded their offerings and now manufacture their products locally, striving for economic efficiency while maintaining quality. Today, Oasis Baklawa can be found on shelves nationwide and in specialty gift stores like Foodhall. They have worked hard to improve the way people experience chocolate and pastries. With their in-house research team, they have developed exclusive and unique products that cannot be found elsewhere. Starting with just two table setups, Oasis Baklawa has grown to offer customers a truly special experience. Their dedicated staff members create delicious pastries and sweets from scratch every day, proud to be part of such an iconic institution in Delhi. In addition to their renowned Baklava, Oasis Baklawa has expanded their product range to include artisanal chocolates, confections, and carefully crafted specialty gifts. They prioritize quality and have spent years perfecting their craft to offer lavishing tastes in all your favorite flavors. Oasis Baklawa continues to be a symbol of dedication, creativity, and a commitment to delivering exceptional treats to their valued customers.

Marble Surface

Core Values

At Oasis Baklawa we always look for something beyond the ordinary. Adding a spark of creativity to our thorough know-how, we constantly produce uniquely delightful products.

We believe quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.Our customers expect only the finest from us. And we are able to deliver it day in and day out. We are always on the lookout to enhance every little aspect whether its product quality, range, packaging, distribution. All this without ever losing focus on our consumers and their needs.
At Oasis Baklawa , excellence is a way of life. There's no question of cutting corners. Every precaution and effort is taken to see that we excel in all quarters.

The trust of countless families is not something that can be earned overnight. It comes with honesty and integrity that is quite visible in our products. Times change, but when it comes to adhering to these values, we are proud to say that we haven't changed a bit.

We provide compelling reasons for you to choose Oasis Baklawa! Here's what we prioritize to ensure the production of high-quality products:
Kuru Baklawa
  • Preservative-Free: Our products are crafted without the use of preservatives. We believe in delivering treats that are 100% natural, allowing you to enjoy our offerings with peace of mind.

  • Natural Beet Sugar: To sweeten our products, we use natural beet sugar. This choice ensures that you can savor the delightful flavors while knowing that we prioritize natural ingredients.

  • Handcrafted in Hygienic Environments: Our production process takes place in hygienic environments and is carried out by hand. This attention to detail guarantees the quality and safety of our treats, ensuring a delightful experience for you.

  • Easy Availability: You can easily purchase our products through retail stores or online sales. We strive to make our treats accessible and convenient for our valued customers.

  • Made from the Best Quality Ingredients: We carefully source the finest quality natural ingredients from their origins. This commitment to excellence guarantees that our products are made with the best possible ingredients, ensuring exceptional taste and satisfaction.

  • Freshness Guaranteed: Our products are made fresh on a daily basis. This means that when you order from Oasis Baklawa, you can expect your treats to be delivered to your home, ensuring their freshness and preserving their delectable flavors.

At Oasis Baklawa, we focus on these important aspects to provide you with top-quality products that are natural, flavorful, and created with care. Choose us for an indulgent experience that meets your highest expectations.
History of Oasis Baklawa

Our Infrastructure

Oasis Baklawa factory
•  Infrastructure At 1st Stage with 63,000 sq ft of commercial and industrial  land, in the Absolute heart of Central Delhi.

•  Marketing At Pan India Level  , With reach in 18 out of 29 states in India  , with Major Working in 40% of these states.

•  Currently Operating 2 factories in Delhi , 380+ dedicated workforce , major outlets in Delhi, Punjab, UP, Haryana.
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