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Kunafa? what is it .

Updated: Jul 27, 2023


Kunefe, which has been made in the Middle East since the 1920s in its known history, is a dessert from the Eastern Mediterranean region, made from kadayif and cheese and served hot.

Our desserts, which we have prepared in the concept of künefe, are prepared from kadayifs prepared from hard Flour obtained by grinding the grains grown in Kahramanmaraş region in stone mills.

The cheese used in our desserts is imported from top manufacturers from Jordan who make it from aromatic and nutritious goat milk.

Our difference from the künefe made in other regions is the quality of the raw materials we use, as well as our cooking and presentation techniques.

Kunefe is cooked in special trays in different shapes and sizes by rotating it over low fire. Then it is skillfully turned over and the other side is cooked in the same way. After it is removed from the fire, syrup and peanuts are added on it and served hot or served warm. At the time of service, the syrup is poured and taken to the plates. The künefes may be undercooked and the syrup has been poured, or they may be kept uncooked.

When the order comes, the cooked künefe should be served with the most attentive presentations. Nuts such as crushed pistachios, walnuts or hazelnuts or dried coconut can be sprinkled on top of the cooked künefe. Among these garnishes, the most used is Pistachio.

Water or milk is recommended while eating. Milk takes the burning of the high sugar in the dessert and takes the heat of the künefe eaten in hot weather.


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