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Baklava? What's that!

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Oasis Baklawa
Oasis Baklawa

It is a delicate yet Lustrous Flaky Pastry generously stuffed with Exotic Nuts and Spices and Topped with loads of Honey & Syrup. Baklawa is surely the one which can make you Taste the true heaven.

The history of baklava is as colourful as the vibrant colours of the Middle Eastern world. It is the Ottomans who crafted this Delicacy during the Rule of Ottoman Empire in 8th Century.

The Syrians are credited with making a major improvements to this popular treat by mastering the art of rolling the Special magic dough extremely thin. These Extremely Thin and almost transparent Sheets were named The Filo, Which in Greek Language meant Leaf.

The magical taste of baklawa quickly spread through the Hills of Current Day Iran To The pastures of Greece. Today Everyone from Greeks to the Turks to the Armenians to the Egyptians to the Arabs, All claim Baklawa to be their Discovery and Claim their Baklawa to be the best from the rest. But they all have their own Variants, while Greeks prefer The Honey Baklawa, the Turks loved the taste of Sugar Syrup. The Iraqis Preferred the Rose Scented and the Armenian’s loved the taste of Orange Blossom.

Whatever the Region & whichever the variation, the baklawa has always been the preferred Choice for the Celebration of the special occasions and the after dinner party of The Elite Class.

Certainly there was no major footprint of this delicacy on the Subcontinent. This is where Oasis Baklawa came into picture, It’s not wrong to say Oasis Baklawa is the First to Launch Baklawa in India Commercially in 2006.

Oasis Baklawa makes Lebanese, Syrian & Turkish form of baklavas & other Arabic desserts with the help of Renowned International Chefs from Syria, Egypt & Turkey & our Global Tie ups across Middle East.Oasis Baklawa is Undoubtedly India’s Largest & Most Preferred Arabic Sweets brand with an urge to grow and reach the masses.

It’s Just not the Taste, Baklava is good for health too, with Major Ingredient Being Almonds | Walnuts | pistachios | Pinenuts | Hazelnuts | Cashews , Baklava Becomes a Rich Source Of Vitamins & Minerals , The Honey Works as The cherry on the top by adding to the healthy nutrients and giving Immunity boosting Properties. Making You Stronger and Healthier. Not to forget that its Baked & Not fried so is a Dieter’s delight too.

In a nutshell, Baklava is a pastry made from layers of filo, filled with chopped nuts – usually walnuts, pine nuts, pistachios and almonds – and held together by syrup or honey.

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