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The Souq

"Welcome to the Luxurious world of Gourmet Arabic Delicacies"

      At Oasis Baklawa we always look for something beyond the ordinary. Adding a spark of creativity to our thorough know-how, we constantly produce unique delightful products.


      We believe quality is remembered long after price is forgotten. Our customers expect only the finest from us. And we are able to deliver it day in and day out. We are always on the lookout to enhance every little aspect, whether product quality, range, packaging, or distribution. All this without ever losing focus on our consumers and their needs.

      At Oasis Baklawa, excellence is a way of life. There's no question of cutting corners.Every precaution and effort is taken to see that we excel in all quarters.


      The trust of countless families is not something that can be earned overnight. It comes with honesty and integrity that is quite visible in our products. Times change, but when it comes to adhering to these values, we are proud to say that we haven't changed a bit.

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