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Turkish Delight

Savor the enchanting flavors of Turkish Delight at Oasis Baklawa. Crafted using authentic recipes and the finest ingredients, our Turkish Delight offers a perfect balance of sweetness and aromatic essence. Each piece is a delicate, chewy treat that transports you to the heart of Middle Eastern tradition. Our Turkish Delight comes in a variety of flavors to satisfy every palate. Experience the timeless charm and exquisite taste of this beloved delicacy, exclusively at Oasis Baklawa.


This traditional Middle Eastern delicacy is crafted with the finest ingredients, resulting in a soft, chewy texture and a perfectly balanced sweetness. Filled with nuts and infused with aromatic essences, Malbaan offers a delightful and luxurious treat. Perfect for gifting or savoring as a personal indulgence.


Experience the unique and delightful taste of Gaz at Oasis Baklawa. This traditional Persian nougat is crafted with the finest ingredients, including pistachios and rosewater, resulting in a soft, chewy texture and a subtly sweet flavor. Each piece of Gaz is a perfect blend of rich heritage and exquisite taste. Our Gaz offers a unique taste experience that embodies the elegance and tradition of Persian confectionery.

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